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Network Cable Wiring for Salt Lake City, UT Homes & Businesses

Especially with everyone working from home these days, your network cable wiring is more important than ever. Your internet speed depends on your network wiring — without it, you can’t get your job done. When you need installation of or upgrades to your network cable wiring, contact the electricians at Jett Electric in Salt Lake City. We provide quality cat5 and cat6 wiring services to residential and commercial customers.
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Residential Network Cable Wiring

If you are building a new home in Salt Lake City, that’s the best time to install network cable wiring. Network cable wiring can be notoriously ugly, and that’s why you see so many solutions for bundling and hiding cables. But when you’re building a new structure, our residential electricians can install your network cable wiring in the wall. You’ll never see it, but you’ll feel thankful it’s there.

But what if you have owned your home for many years, and now that you work from home, you need to update and improve your network cable wiring? That’s no problem for our home electricians. We can install cat5 network wiring or cat6 network wiring at your home.

Now that the kids are back in school and you don’t have five people at home on Zoom, you may not need cat6 network wiring. However, it does provide faster speeds and has a greater bandwidth. It’s also a little pricier than cat5 network wiring. You may be able to get your work done without any problems with cat5 wiring. If you’re not sure, that’s what our experts are here for. We can explain to you the full differences between cat5 network wiring and cat6 network wiring so you can make the best choice for you.

Commercial Network Cable Wiring

More often, our commercial electricians provide network cable wiring for Salt Lake City businesses. Many businesses grow quickly — more quickly than they anticipated — and the wiring they had when they were a startup no longer suits their needs.

Cat6 network wiring is what many businesses use for the extra power and speed, but no one wants to spend money unnecessarily, so if cat5 network wiring will do the job for you, that’s what our electricians will install. Especially if you have moved your server to the cloud, you may not need the power that cat6 network wiring provides. Cat6, however, provides enhanced performance and reduces crosstalk.

Network Cable Wiring for Homes & Offices

When you want a reliable local electrician to set up your cat5 network wiring or cat6 network wiring, contact the professionals at Jett Electric. We have experience installing network cable wiring for both residential and commercial customers in Salt Lake City.

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