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Electrical Wiring in Salt Lake City, UT

Whether you’re building a new home in Salt Lake City or you need electrical wiring for your existing house, call the electrical contractors at Jett Electric. Our electricians are trained and certified to provide complete commercial and residential electric wiring services for customers in Salt Lake City and throughout Utah.
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Residential Electric Wiring

Are you building a new house in Salt Lake City? Depend on our residential electrical contractors for all your house electrical wiring needs. Do you want stereo speakers in the ceiling of every room? Our residential electric wiring skills are what you’re looking for.
If you have an old home, however, your wiring may need updating in order to remain safe and provide adequate power. Our home electricians can update your service panel with new electrical wiring, making it safer and more powerful.

Commercial Electrical Wiring

Is the wiring at your commercial business in need of updating? Old wiring can cause fires, especially at commercial buildings, where the power loads are higher. Our electricians are certified to work on commercial electrical wiring in Salt Lake City buildings — we can update electrical wiring for outlets, switches, service panels, lighting and appliances.

Wiring Electrical Outlets

Salt Lake City homeowners also sometimes complain that they do not have enough outlets for all their electronics. Our electricians can add electric outlet wiring in the rooms where you need outlets most. If your current outlets are old, we can update the electrical wiring so that you feel safe plugging in your computer and phone charger.

Likewise, some of your light switches may not work, or you may want more light switches. We provide wiring for electrical switches for lights, fans, outlets, garbage disposals and more. We can also install dimmers when we’re wiring your electrical switches.

Our residential electrical contractors can also install ceiling fans for you. We install electric fan wiring and a brace to ensure the ceiling fan is sturdily in place.

Smoke Detector Installation

Smoke detectors are more than just a good idea, they’re required by law in many areas. Although fire stations use their outdoor LED signs to remind homeowners and businessowners to change the batteries in their smoke detectors when we change the clocks, sometimes people forget. That’s why our electrical contractors recommend hard-wired smoke detector installation.

A smoke detector with electrical wiring has a better chance of going off and alerting occupants of the building if it is hard-wired. Although it is possible a fire could cut the smoke detector’s electric connection, hard-wired smoke detectors have battery backups, so they are twice as reliable as smoke detectors that have only batteries.

Whatever type of electrical wiring work you need done at your Salt Lake City home or business, count on the licensed electricians at Jett Electric to get the job done right.

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