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Electrical Safety Inspections in Salt Lake City, UT

Getting an electrical safety inspection is a good idea if you know your business has old wiring, or if you have made changes over the years using different Salt Lake City electricians and providers. Sometimes electrical safety inspections are required when transferring title of a home, but even when they’re not, you can get peace of mind from an electrical home safety inspection. The certified electricians at Jett Electric provide electrical safety inspections for homes and businesses throughout Salt Lake City.
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Electrical Home Safety Inspections

When our licensed electricians perform an electrical safety inspection in your home, we have a long list of items to check off. One important one is the presence of working GFCIs. Ground fault circuit interrupters help reduce the risk of electric shock when outlets and water are in close proximity, such as in kitchens and bathrooms. The law says that outlets within a certain distance of water must have GFCIs outlets installed. We ensure this has been done in your home, and that the GFCIs are functional.

We also check to make sure your fixtures and appliances are grounded. Today, most electrical outlets have a third hole for the extra prong on plugs. This third prong connects your appliance to a ground wire in the outlet, which not only protects your appliance against surges, but also protects you from shocks if there is a short in your system.

Our licensed electricians also check your power cords for signs of deterioration, such as fraying. If we see extension cords or electrical cords running under rugs where people can step on them, we let homeowners know this isn’t safe. Allowing people to walk on electrical cords causes them to break down much sooner, and the exposed wires under the rug make for a fire hazard.

Commercial Electrical Safety Inspections

Commercial electrical safety inspections are just as important as electrical home safety inspections. Commercial facilities often use high levels of electricity and rely on their powerful electrical systems to sustain operations.

As a factory or facilities manager, you may not always have much notice when your electrical wiring system is overtaxed and struggling to keep up until it is too late. As bad as a brownout or blackout would be for your business, it would pale in comparison to a fire, in which equipment, buildings and even lives could be lost.

Especially if you have had different electricians working at your facility over the years, it’s important to have a licensed electrician inspect the work to ensure it was correctly done and holding up adequately.

Our certified electricians will also check to ensure all your electrical outlets, operations and wiring is up to code.

Reliable Electrical Safety Inspections

Do not confuse electrical safety inspections performed by licensed electricians with an inspection done by a home inspector. Home inspectors don't usually have a lot of electrical experience or training.

Get your commercial or residential electrical safety inspection done by the professional electricians at Jett Electric of Salt Lake City. We’re licensed, certified and 100% qualified.

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