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Appliance Installation in Salt Lake City, UT

Most appliances come with a plug to connect to an electrical outlet, but sometimes you may want your appliances hard-wired instead. Whether this is a job you need done at your Salt Lake City home or your place of business, you can count on the licensed electricians at Jett Electric to provide safe and affordable appliance installation.
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Residential Appliance Installation

Some of the more common appliance installations that our electricians hard-wire for our residential customers in Salt Lake City include dishwashers, microwaves, refrigerators, stoves, double ovens and garbage disposals.

Many kitchens are built with a specific space reserved for the refrigerator, and in this space is an outlet to bring power safely to the fridge. But in many other cases, electrical outlet installation behind an appliance can be inconvenient and impractical. For instance, electrical outlet installation under your countertops would be difficult. Instead, electricians usually hard-wire these as part of your appliance installation. Ditto for the garbage disposal, although these usually do come with a plug.

When you’re installing a new kitchen — whether it’s a new build or a renovation — you will likely also want a residential electrician to hard-wire your stove, range and ovens. There are numerous configurations for these appliances, but you may have a range under which you can store pots and pans, while your oven or double oven is nested in your cabinetry. The same for the microwave. Microwaves are often hard-wired over range hoods, but electricians can install them anywhere within your cabinetry design.

Commercial Appliance Installation

The commercial electricians at Jett Electric are certified to work on and install industrial appliances, such as those found in commercial kitchens, as well as trash compactors, refrigerator and freezer units in grocery and convenience stores, washers and dryers in laundromats and hotels, humidifiers and dehumidifiers for businesses that work with foods or computers, and fans.

Commercial appliance installation requires the expertise of a commercial electrician. Commercial appliances require much greater power than household appliances, and must be hard-wired correctly to avoid circuit overload, blowout, damage to the appliance and even fires. Especially in the case of kitchens and laundries, the right procedures must be followed with respect to using GFCI outlets.

Preferred Appliance Installers in Salt Lake City

Jett Electric is a top appliance installer in Salt Lake City because of our experience and our dedication to quality and customer service. We are known for our fair prices, and we always give you an estimate ahead of time so you know how much the job will cost. No one likes surprises — not customers, or even electricians.

When you need quality appliance installation in Salt Lake City, whether you are a homeowner, landlord or commercial businessowner, count on the licensed electricians at Jett Electric.

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